Three Plank Variations You’ve (Maybe) Never Tried

I’m a big fan of planks.

When done correctly, they teach you to create tension throughout your body, which is a skill a lot of us lack, but could benefit greatly from. If you can create a high amount of body tension when you move, lift, or carry things, you’re a lot less likely to get injured while performing those tasks.

However, the typical plank can get pretty boring. And as you get better at it, you could find yourself holding it for a few minutes, or longer, before it starts to feel like work.

That can look cool on social media, and there can be some benefits to having that kind of muscular endurance, but a few sets of that can eat up your precious workout time.

Here are three plank variations that make the typical plank a minimum of 3.27 times harder.

General cues for all of these:

  • Maintain body tension throughout the movement (brace you upper back, abs, glutes, and thighs tightly)
  • Keep your hips from rocking side to side
  • Avoid sagging through your low back

Elbow Touches

Make these easier by:

  • Placing your hands closer together
  • Spreading your feet further apart
  • Elevating your hands on a step/bench
  • Keep the “elbow touch” motion quick

Make these more difficult by:

  • Spreading your hands further apart
  • Bringing your feet closer together
  • Slowing down the “elbow touch” motion

Plate Switches

Make these easier by:

  • Decreasing the weight or number of plates you’re using
  • Spreading your feet apart
  • Placing your hands on a bench or step to elevate your upper body

Make these more difficult by:

  • Increasing the weight or number of plates you’re using
  • Bringing your feet closer together
  • Slow down the movement

Spiderman Plank

Make these easier by:

  • Elevating your elbows on a bench or step
  • Performing the movement quicker

Make these more difficult by:

  • Performing the movement slower

Give these a shot, and let me know how you like them!

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