15 Minute Body Weight Blast

Maybe you don’t have an hour today to hit the gym. That’s understandable.

Maybe you don’t have much equipment at home. That’s understandable too.

Don’t worry. I gotchu.

Below is a 15 minute (and 30 second) body weight routine you can do in your living room. Or bedroom. Or back yard. But not your bathroom…unless you have a really big bathroom. But still…maybe not there.

This routine has 7 exercises. You will perform each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds rest. Once you’ve gone through each exercise once, rest for 60 seconds, and then repeat one more time.

If you have more time, you could certainly perform this for an additional set or two.

Here are the exercises:

Bear Crawl

Crab Toe Touches


Reverse Lunge to Squat

Shoot Outs

Body Tap Plank

Jumping Jacks

Give this a shot the next time you’re short on time, or just up for a quick butt kicking! Do you know someone who would like to have a quick workout at home? Pass this along to them, or feel free to share on your social media feed.

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