Abs of Adamantium: Inchworms

It’s east to get caught up in fancy equipment, complicated techniques, and the “latest and greatest”. I mean, we’re constantly facing a barrage of information from an industry that tells us we have to be doing the new exercise and eating the latest miracle berry if we’re ever going to lose that stubborn belly fat.

But, the truth is, most of the “latest and greatest” is for show, and to make sales. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against novelty when it provides a new way to do something that is beneficial, or if it fills a need in a unique and needed way. But I’m typically not a fan of novelty for novelty’s sake. I think the basics done consistently can go a long way.

And it doesn’t get more basic than a good old body weight exercise. Which leads us to this weeks “Abs of Adamantium” exercise – Inchworms.



  • Begin with your hands and feet on the ground, as close together as you can.
  • Walk your hands out while keeping your abs braced tight.
  • Avoid sagging through your lower back. Notice in the video my low back stays neutral in the extended position. I’m not taking my weight in my spine. This is important to avoid. This is an ab exercise, not a “let’s see how much my low back can take” exercise.
  • Walk your hands out as far as you can while keeping tension in your abs, and the work out of your low back. The further out, the harder the movement.
  • Walk your feet back to you hands, keeping your legs as straight as you can.
  • I like to program these anywhere from 6-12 reps.

Give them a shot, and let me know how you like them!

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