Abs of Adamantium: Statue of Liberty’s

If you missed last weeks “Abs of Adamantium” post, you can read it here, as well as get my explanation for the title of this series.

Today’s post, I’m pretty sure, is something you haven’t seen before. I developed these around a year ago, and quickly began implementing them in my clients programs…because they’re awesome.

A little background on properly training your core…typically we think of training the abs via crunches and sit ups. I discussed this in more detail in the post of linked above. In addition, one of the primary roles of the abs is to stabilize your torso. Not to bend it forward like a sit up, but to keep it from bending.

This movement is classified as an “anti-lateral flexion” movement. Put simply, this means resisting forces that are trying to bend you sideways.

There are a bunch of ways to create anti-lateral flexion, but this one (I am 99.9993% sure) will be brand new to you.

Statue Of Liberty’s

The Set Up:

  • Attach a band around a heavy dumbbell, bench, or cable column…basically anything that wont move.


  • Brace your abs tight. Imagine that someone is going to punch you in the stomach, or that you’re constipated and are trying to get things going. That kind of abdominal tension is what you’re looking for.
  • Raise the band overhead, while maintaining that abdominal tension.
  • Resist leaning towards the band.
  • You should feel almost all of the work in your abs, and not in your shoulder.

Hold for 10-20 seconds per side.

Give them a shot and let me know how you like them!

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